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Windows ME

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Windows ME
Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows 9x
Latest build
Release date2000-09-14
Support end2006-07-11
Windows 98
Replaced by
Windows XP

Windows Millennium Edition, often shortened as Windows ME, was released in 2000 after Windows 98. It was based on the Windows 9x/DOS architecture and was often called the "home edition" of Windows 2000.

Windows ME was criticized for being unstable and the fact that Windows 2000, which came earlier that year, was considered much superior. One of the many factors causing instability was the 9x kernel, and the way it works: apps run all in the same memory layer, so if one crashes, the others crash too. Therefore, it is one of the most hated Windows versions, resulting in nicknames like "Mistake Edition". This version was the last version to use the Windows 9x kernel.


Windows ME was an interim release, which sprang into being during the development of NT 5.0. It was created as a stopgap release, to keep consumers happy while a consumer NT release was finalized. It was rushed to market, in order to coincide more or less with the release of Windows 2000, when in fact Millennium was only recently conceived. It was essentially designed to look and feel very similar to Windows 2000, while also using the old 9x kernel. Windows ME was rushed and unstable, let down by the 9x kernel, which was increasingly showing its age.