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Windows Phone

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Windows Phone (WP) is a phone developed by Microsoft. The Windows Phone has gone through many different stages, 1st it was the Pocket PC, which only 2 version were released. Then the Windows Mobile was released, which was a great increase from Pocket PC. Which then became a Phone involving a little bit of Nokia software, then Windows Mobile 10 was released which was suppose to look like Windows 10 PC.


Windows Pocket PC
Name OS Version Notes
Windows Pocket PC 2000 2000 Released 2000-04-19
Windows Pocket PC 2002 2002 Released 2001-10
Windows Mobile
Name OS Version Notes
Windows Mobile 2003 2003 Released 2003-06-23
Windows Mobile 5.0 5.0 Released 2005-05-09
Windows Mobile 6.0 6.0 Released 2007-02-12
Windows Mobile 6.1 6.1 Released 2008-04-01
Windows Mobile 6.5 6.5 Released 2009-05-11
Windows Phone
Name OS Version Notes
Windows Phone 7 7.0 Released Worldwide 2010-10-21. Released in the U.S. 2010-11-10
Windows Phone 8 8.0 (NT 6.2) Released 2012-10-29
Windows Phone 8.1 8.1 (NT 6.3) Released 2014-07-15
Windows 10 Mobile
Name OS Version Notes
Windows 10 Mobile 10.0 (NT 10) Released 2016-03-17